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The weekend’s here again…TGIF right?

Now my question to you today is: “Do you know the different eye shapes?” How many of us know that not all eye shadow application suits all eye shapes?

There’s the almond eyes which almost everything goes well with it. Hooded eye shape you want to be careful how and what you apply on it, the deep set eyes, the prominent eyes, the round eyes, close set eyes…..*phew* understanding eye shapes is just a topic on it’s on entirely.


eye shadow tutorial for different eye shapes

But it is very important to know the different eye shapes that makes your work easier. Letting you know what and what not to do.
As a makeup artist before I start working on a client, I need to study the face shape and the eye shape as well then I know what I am to supposed to do and use.


Makeup is more complicated than we thought isn’t it? Looool but if you think about it, it’s actually not that complicated. Just like every other thing it is about knowing the right thing to do.
So this is where I hand over to WAYNE GOSS. He’s one of my favorite makeup artists on youtube, I love his tutorials, I learn a lot from him and I’m willing to share with you (aren’t I nice).

And in his words: “REMEMBER, IT’S ONLY MAKEUP”


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