A little while ago, the world  came together and celebrated the beauty and uniquness of those born with Vitiligo and who better represents them than the stunning Chantelle ‘Winnie Harlow’ Brown-Young from America’s Next Top Model.


World Vitiligo Day is an annual event specially dedicated to people with Vitiligo. The global event wass to create awareness about the skin condition.

Vitiligo is a continual skin problem that produces white depigmentation patches that develop and enlarge only in certain sections of the skin.The white patches appear because the person has little or no skin cells.

Though, it is impossible to predict how much of the skin can be affected by Vitiligo.  It’s not life threatening it isn’t contagious and it’s definitely not dangerous.


In Nigeria, OLORI SUPERGAL created an online campaign  to create  awareness on Vitiligo and also to educate people about the skin  condition using Social media.  The model for the campaign – TEMILOLA OMOOBAJESU shared her message to  encourage other people with Vitiligo to come out.

In her words, she said  ”Don’t let anybody’s opinion of beauty be your idea of what beauty > should be. You need to accept and celebrate yourself before people will > accept you. There is no need to be perfect to inspire people, let people  get inspired by how you deal with your Imperfections” she said.

On the 25th of June, people shared their story on OloriSupergal.com visit for more stories.

This campaign in Nigeria has broken grounds for people with the Vitiligo skin condition and we are excited about the positive awareness that has begun in Africa.

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