Hey everyone,

It’s DIY Wednesday…… *drum roll*

So today, we will be doing a “DIY OMBRE HAIR”. Ombre hair has been trending for quite a while now, and still is.
But I happen to be one of those who would rather treat my weave myself than give it to someone to do it for me. The first time I ever tried giving my new weave to a stylist she messed up my hair so bad,I regretted ever thinking about it and then going ahead to give her the weave to highlight for me.

I love highlights on my hair so much! Towards the end of last year and early this year I had a signature hairstyle going on for months….. One time it was purpe, and then I did blue, red, and white lol. I was having fun playing with colors and I loved it.

So for all y’all lovers of DIY and OMBRE HAIR, this tutorial by BACKSYNCFAN is for you!!!! ENJOY……:)

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