Hey everyone,

Monday is here again!!!! Special shout out to all Lagosians. I know most of you do not look forward to Mondays, with the traffic and the hustles, but look on the bright side, take a deep breathe, put your hand on your chest, a gentle smile on your face, and and say to yourself…. “ALL IZ WELL”

Now on a lighter note I posted a DIY video here on how to a marble nail some weeks back. Well today I decided to feature her as our artist of the week.


Cutepolish as her name is on youtube, has about 1,371,953 subscribers and 168 videos on youtube. she obviously is a nail specialist and does incredible things with her nails. She also does a lot of tutorials on DIY nail art.
cute polish candy crush
This particular one I love so much, because I am a huge fan of candy crush. My husband and I would compete on who opens up and finishes a new level first *covering face* lol

What makes her videos fun to watch is that you can actually do them on your natural nails. Practically all if not all of her videos are done on her natural nails. Check out one of her playlists below!


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