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They say that a Lipstick Palette is a  space saver

Who relates with me on this? Many a time I get tired of carrying so many different lipsticks or lip gloss in one purse. It gets so tiring, apart from the fact that most times the purse gets heavy due to the different products meant for different purposes in the purse.

That’s one, two Imagine (makeup artists would relate more with this) having a bag full of high end lipsticks or that favourite lip colour you love and then you loose the bag or some of your products *sob*

Makeup artists suffer this a lot especially when they have to work in a crowded place it gets all crazy and if you are not careful or observant, your products can easily take a walk somewhere..




Palettes come in very handy anyday, anytime. Sometimes your favorite lipgloss falls and breaks obviously it’s already useless but don’t toss the content with the bottle just yet, you can empty it into a storage can. There are different types out there.




diy lipstick pallete

Trust me when I say, the day I started depotting my lipsticks my life changed forever!

If you’re stilll not convinced, here’s a DIY video by makeupgeek showing just how simple it is to customize your own lipstick pallete

I hope this post comes useful to you.

Until my next post, STAY BEAUTIFUL

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