Hey everyone,

Sure you had a fantastic weekend……:)

So today’s tutorial is “how to: crystal eyeliner” by PIXIWOO.

I love bold liners so much, I can easily go without an eyeshadow (which I consider to be undue stress especially when I am not in the mood for makeup, I just don’t have the patience for the whole application and blending process *phew*).

So my liquid liner is a sure way for me to go looooool. So to avoid getting bored of just my simple liner look, i’m always looking for new interesting ways of using the classic black liner. I found this glitter tutorial and while I won’t say it’s an everyday look (as it requires more time to do) it’s actually wearable for me. Maybe not on a daily basis. For parties maybe, or events, weddings, I can rock this to most occasions.

What do “YOU” think. Would you rock this look?

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