I think i’m addicated to Lipstick.

Whenever I see beautiful pics online of perfectly pouty lips, I feel a tingle in my pocket and an irresistible urge to head to the nearest make-up store and fulfil my lipstick fantasies!

But I wasn’t always like this. When I was growing up I hated wearing lipstick. Especially Red Lipstick! I couldn’t understand what the obsession was, in fact… I thought it looked hediouos on me. Every time I walked past a mirror all i’d see were my lips! But that was until I found out that

  1. There’s a red lipstick out there to suit every skintone ;
  2. I was applying it all over my lips making me look like my 2 year old playing in mummy’s makeup box rather than contouring my lips and adding some serious va va voom!

So if you’re still unsure about how to create luscious kissable tantalising looking lips..  I say no more.. just click the link and enjoy!






Products used:

NSFW (Not Safe For Work) OCC Liptar

M.U.A Red Lip Liner

EOS Lip Balm

Sacred Pro Concealers

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