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Welcome to our series on different skin types and how to care for the skin…

In the last post we talked about oily skin, how to identify and care for it. (click here if you missed it).
Today, we’ll be talking about “dry skin”! How do you identify if you have dry skin and how do you care for it?


Dry skin


Dry Skin occurs when the oil glands do not produce a sufficient amount of sebum (oil) to lubricate the skin properly which results to a dehydrated skin.

How to identify dry skin

  • Dry skin is usually thin and dull
  • It’s scaly or flaky with fine lines
  • When touched, it feels rough
  • Have small or almost invisible pores
  • People with dry skin tend not to suffer breakouts.
  • Most times dry skin is sensitive to the sun and weather
  • Dry skin is prone to early aging and wrinkles particularly around the eyes (sad part)
  • If you have a dry skin, you want to avoid traditional “soaps” on the face as they tend to dry out the skin.
  • Get a gentle cleanser for washing the face which usually are more creamy based and don’t lather up as much. It is very important to ask a skin specialist for advise or to read the label on the recommended skin type when you’re buying a face wash or cleanser.

There are moisturizers specifically made for dry skin to improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.
You may want to get an eye cream to help reduce wrinkles around the eyes.


Get a non-drying gentle toner to be used after washing the face.

Avoid sunlight as much as possible, and always put on a good sun cream. At least an SPF 25 or more.

As a general health care advice, it is important to drink 8 glasses of water a day. But this also helps to hydrate your skin from within.
Don’t stand under a hot shower for too long as hot water tend to strip the skin of it’s natural oils than warm water.  If you’d like to relax and soak in a bath tub then be sure to use hydrating oils or bath creams to help replenish your skin’s moisture levels.

With these few tips you’ll be on your way to understanding your skin!  For more info why not read up our prevous dry skin article here


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