Everyday beauty companies come up with different products (making huge money from us) that have been derived from a need in our beauty routine. For example, Kohl pencil eye liners; they can sometimes dry out leaving you with lack luster results. So the smart people at the beauty companies took the opportunity and came up with cream pencils but I do still love a rich black Kajal / Khol pencil.

I’m not saying the beauty companies aren”t doing a fantastic job, I’m just emphasizing the point that when these new products weren’t available, the Audrey Hepburns of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s used simple beauty tricks to get their game on!

Lets get our moove (makeup + groove…..) back with these simple tips and maybe if I’m nice, i’ll will let you in on others.. later…..lol

Revive old (or new!) eyeliner


You don’t really need to throw away your favourite lip or eye pencil just because they’ve become dry? No really!  You can actually get them back to their previous glory by using either a candle or lighter and placing the tip of your pencil in the flames for about 1 to 2 seconds.

Voila! Instantly, your eyeliner has resurrected, the downside is you might need to do this often when your pencil is due for another sharpening.

Tighten Up Those Pores


This trick has been around since the dawn of time. Its the cold water with ice principle. Fill your sink or a bowl with cold water and ice cubes, and submerge your face in the water, holding it in place for eight to ten seconds. I know this sounds a bit mean, but was beauty without bit of pain. Another approach is to use cold milk as a face mask, which soothes the skin and encourages cell turnover.

Say Bye Bye to Dead Skin


Sometimes you don’t need a fancy facial scrub to get rid of dry skin. A common kitchen ingredient like sugar can make a great exfoliant because of its natural humectants properties (it can keep things moist and hydrated naturally). Combine two parts organic sugar and one part olive or coconut oil. Gently rub into face, then rinse with warm water. You can also use this concoction to treat dry, chapped lips.

Hydrate Tired Skin


There are plenty of wonderful things avocados can be used for, including your skin! The mono unsaturated fats and antioxidants found in them can keep your skin moisturised, help reduce redness and irritation, and maintain its suppleness. Mash one avocado up and spread it across your skin. Leave on for twenty minutes or so, then rinse with warm water. Your skin will be ridiculously smooth.

Soothe Puffy Eyes 


Late nights and hours spent staring into our computers or drinking on social nights out can cause puffy, goblin eyes. So those little comforting bags of Earl Grey or any other one  you have in your cupboard will not only quench your thirst, but they can help with those tired eyes, thanks to the anti-irritant properties found in tea. My favourite choice is the Camomile & Honey blend. Tastes great but does even more wonders to soothe and hydrate the delicate eye area.  Steep two bags of tea in hot water for three minutes then put them in the fridge until they’re cold. Apply a tea bag to each eye and relax for ten minutes. Your eyes will feel refreshed and look less swollen.

So guys, that’s it for today……stay tuned to catch more tricks and tips and always remember that you are the only you that can ever be…..

Love ya muchos, bye

Sourced and Edited from Beautylish

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