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So earlier this year, Dark & Lovely hosted a series of events around Africa with different personalities including actresses, bloggers and singers.   The Style Me Shoots aimed at showcasing how to easily achieve different styles using (of course) all your favourite Dark & Lovely products. I’ve had alot of people recognise me from the videos which is always fun.. I almost feel like a TV Star.

I hadn’t worn a weave in years, since I gave birth to Tega!  But I wasn’t about to turn down the chance at having Ugo himself do my weave for me lol.  After wearing my hair in braids for about 7 months as part of a protective styling challenge, it was nice to swap places with Ibilola and have a weave while she rocked the box braids.

I loved the way they blended the weave with my natural hair. They left alot of hair out around the edges. He said he wanted me to ‘own’ the look.. I mean.. really? I already “own’ the hair *wink* … any way.. back to the subject.  Having hair out all the way around meant I could put it up in a ponytail and if the wind blew I didn’t have to worry about the tracks showing.  The only thing though is, because my hair is natural, and it’s a really stubborn natural, it frizzed up within 2 days or so. So sadly, I had to take it out. Alas.. the end of my weave days again.  I tried a full closure for the first time just after that (i’d been bitten by the bug again), but I remembered after a week that I prefer wearing wigs. I can take them off at night and sleep hair free.

Fun Fact:  Did you know that Dark & Lovely is one of the brands owned by L’oreal West Africa?

Check out the Braids & Weaves Video, let me know what you think?  Are you a weavette or a braid gang type of girl.

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